There's a brand new set of cards for all Necromunda fans, and they are a free download today.

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As anybody who has used Gang Tactics cards in Necromunda knows, they can be potentially game-changing. Today, we are releasing a brand-new set of cards as a PDF download!
The underhive is a dangerous place and your gang needs every advantage that it can get if it wants to make it to the top – this is where Gang Tactics cards come in. They give a one-shot boost to your gang that can help you get out of a sticky situation.* There are two types of Gang Tactics cards – those can only be taken by specific gangs and those that can be taken by anybody.

For anybody looking for more options in their Gang Tactics decks or for people who would like to give Gang Tactics a try, we are releasing some exclusive cards to download as a PDF. As well as 8 new universal cards, each House also gets a new specific tactic and there are Gang Tactics cards for Genestealer Cult, Chaos Helots and Venator gangs for the first time.
Let’s take a look at some of these new cards…
How many times have you found your most dangerous foe right in the sights of your most deadly weapon only to fail to hit, to wound, or to roll poorly with the Injury dice? Well, sometimes it’s better being lucky than good:

It can be very tempting to ignore a fighter that has already activated this round – after all, they’ve taken their actions, what danger could they be now? Well, as long as you have another fighter with a Ready marker, Bait and Switch allows you to use a fighter for a second time in the Action phase. This can be especially useful for taking another turn with your gang Leader or a Champion armed with a particularly devastating weapon.

One of the keys to success in Necromunda is making the most of action efficiency. Goliath and Van Saar gangs will be pleased to see two cards that let them do this while also playing into the strengths of each House.

Any of these cards can be the proverbial ace up your sleeve just when you need it.
Speaking of sleeves, you’ll be able to protect your Gang Tactics cards from the horrors of the underhive with these special Necromunda card sleeves, which are available to pre-order from tomorrow.

Download the exclusive Gang Tactics PDF now!

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