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New Endless Spells for All Factions

The new Endless Spells coming in Forbidden Power are for everyone to use no matter what faction you play with a couple of them dedicated to moving or hampering your opponents movement across the board. However they often come with a price...paid for in blood.

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The endless spells from Forbidden Power might be particularly grim, but they’re for everyone – not just Death armies! These represent the ambient magic loose in Shyish, and can be harnessed by any Wizard, meaning that whatever army you play, you can use them. Just grab your favourite Wizard, or ally one in.

Lauchon the Soulseeker

Lauchon the Soulseeker isn’t just an endless spell – he’s formed from the fragments of a deity drawn from one of the Mortal Realms’ many underworlds!
In battle, Lauchon is a risky, but incredibly useful, endless spell, allowing you to deliver your deadliest units to your enemy’s lines incredibly fast. Units can be transported by Lauchon when he moves, for a price – they’ll have to sacrifice a model to do so. Slow-moving but powerful units are the best candidates for transporting with Lauchon, like Hearthguard Berzerkers.

Soulscream Bridge

Formed from the souls of the fallen, Soulscream Bridges are used by sorcerers to cross great distances – if they can tolerate all the screaming…
The Soulscream Bridge is another mobility-boosting endless spell that lets you catapult units across the battlefield. Just be careful – your enemies will be able to cross it too! This can be a great way to set up a last-minute dash for an objective.


Wait a second… that’s not an endless spell, that’s Nagash’s face, right? Well, sort of – Horrorghasts are arcane predators who take numerous terrifying forms to strike fear into the hearts of their foes. It just so happens that the thing most feared by the inhabitants in the Mortal Realms is often Nagash!
As you’d expect, the Horrorghast messes with Bravery, and can lead to some devastating battleshock tests for your enemies. For maximum effect, combine it with other Bravery-manipulating shenanigans from units like the Celestant-PrimeArchaonLady Olynder and Ironguts.

Shards of Valagharr

Created long ago by the mage Mython Valagharr, the Shards of Valagharr are arcane and sinister devices designed to sap the animus of the living.
These are a particularly tricksy endless spell that, used carefully, can devastate your enemy’s plans. Units caught between the Shards of Valagharr have their movement halved, and must subtract 1 from their hit rolls, letting you lock down particularly dangerous sections of an opposing army. If you’re playing a shooting list, or you’re looking to stop fast-moving monsters like Verminlords and Zombie Dragons from tearing through your lines, you’ll want to summon the Shards of Valagharr.
You’ll be able to grab these endless spells for yourself this weekend when Forbidden Power goes on pre-order.