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Updated Rumors- Grey No More: New Paints Coming

With the recent video from Adepticon (50 Shelves of Grey) there has been a ton of guesses thrown out there on just what this will be. Lets take a look some things I have been hearing.

First off.... no colored sprues are going to be in the mix (so the rumors say). The video is most likely referring to the new paint ranges coming that I have been hearing of coming soon.

So what I have been hearing speculated is that the video is about a new Airbrush/paint line coming. Now this makes sense with seeing the video and all that grey plastic. However, this release will be much more.

Ive heard this now from multiple different sources all saying the same thing.

Rumors via several anonymous sources 
No colored plastic.
Instead a new massive paint release in May/June (the timeline was mentioned and not confirmed by the other sources). This will be a huge expansion on the current paint range.
This will include a airbrush paints with the return of old paints and a new "blending" type of paint that will be very slow drying.

The video for those that missed it.

updates from our comments thread that may have value and line up with what I have been hearing.
via Nick Powell
Overheard at adepticon that well known painters have been working with GW to help create the new paints and some of them will be new formula washes that act more like acryllic pin washes and leave no staining on flat surfaces.