The Humanoid Primarius is getting its Armory release today. This guides you through weapons and equipment, from primitive, common, and even advanced special weapons. Any weapon a class has access to they can equip and take to the field to do battle. Lets do a quick overview of what is inside.

Misc updates were done as well.
Morale Traits were added in. These were a couple traits that were somehow left behind. Morale is hard to increase for Humanoids, often relying upon increases to Morale's base characteristics, discipline and willpower, to hold tight under the duress of the battlefield.

Armory Traits were updated,including a few a couple new ones that fill in some gaps in the armory.

The Armory:
The point costs and availability of different types.

1. Primitive Weapons and Equipment: everyone can equip these for no cost. Primitive weapons get no in-game bonuses.

2. Common Weapons and Equipment: Bows, Swords, etc. These are weapons that are available to any Humanoid Race and to all classes. One low cost to equip an entire squad.

3. Special Weapons and Equipment: These are new weapon types and have a point cost per model. These are new weapon types like Gunpowder Weapons, Repeating Crossbows, Full Plate Armors, etc.

4. Advanced Weapons and Equipment: Here you can take any other weapon/equipment (primitive, common, or special) and add new advanced attributes to them. Need Fire Swords? this is where you design your own weapons and armor for your for your race.

Please remember that these are rough drafts, and have not gone through editing. I also realize that I did not fully update index at the beginning of the document. Have fun, and again if you create some new races, please send them in!

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