As always SN Battle Reports has some great Batreps for us with amazing paint jobs and photography to go along with it. check out their latests report with the Imperial Knights taking on Nurgle Daemons.

Special Mission: Defend at all Costs.
Objectives (Imperial Knights) Protect and defend the 3 Supply piles for a total of 5 turns, 3vp for every Supply pile still on the table by the end of the game. (Nurgle Daemons) Endless Swarm rule arriving from both Dawn of War deployment sides, 3vp for every supply pile destroyed by the end of Turn 5 or destroy all three Knights before the end of the game. (Supplies 2hp each armour 8 all round)

Points: Imperial Knights 1140pts
Nurgle Daemons 1355pts
Deployment: Special Mission Deployment

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