Chaos Dwarves. Will the Legion of Azorh get some point values anytime soon? It normally takes a bit for Forgeworld to do something like this on the wake of a new edition or big release, but Forgeworld does good at covering us with things like this.

from a reader on Faeit 212
I sent Forge World an email last night regarding Legion of Azgorh points values (seeing as the Generals Handbook has none for them):

In light of the release of the Generals Handbook for Age of Sigmar, are there any plans to submit points values for Chaos Dwarf units/formations?

Currently the ones that I own have been invalidated for inclusion in my force as they have no costing at all.

Which this morning was met with the following reply:

Forgeworld Response:
Thank you for your email. The Forge World Studio writers will be producing a PDF document with regards to the points values for our kits in regards to the Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook being released by Games Workshop. However at this moment in time we do not have a date as to when this document will be completed ready to be placed in the downloads section of our web store. Once we do have this information we will we will notify everyone via our newsletter and Bulletin

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