This deserves it's own thread. Definitely worth the discussion. The pictures definitely are a Tau Sky Ray.

Thanks Damo R. for bringing this up. Ya know.. after looking at it closer, the cockpit looks different. Does that count?

via DAMO. R
Gonna post this again in case anyone missed it on the previous thread (sorry)

Ummm... Did Marvel rip off Games Workshop? I mean I pretty sure those are Tau Sky Ray's...

Oh look an Eldar Grav Tank and what looks suspiciously like a Necron!

How are they even getting away with this??? I mean the Chapterhouse name debacle GW where sort of in the right but Chapterhouse made a fair point, the Spots the Space Marine stuff was just GW being petty but now Marvel blatantly rip off GW IP and... Nothing? How has n obody picked up on this?...

Or maybe... Maybe... GW is being taken over by Disney!?

But seriously though WHAT THE HELL!?!?

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via K9-Nova
That comic is several months old, too. I remember reading that GW had seen it, and was having their lawyers research into it or something before they did anything. It's also not the first time Marvel has taken GW stuff, so there's that.

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