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Hey guys, Nazroth from Scar_hand Painting here.
Once in a while I get an entire army to paint. From a merely grunt through vehicles, heroes and up to huge warmashines and titans. This Warhammer 40,000 Tau army is such a fine commission – from zero to hero with a whole project being thrown onto my desk in a single day along with a colour scheme and overall vision provided by the customer. From then on it’s up to me to fulfill that vision the best I can and build an army that my customer will proudly lead to battle. Below is the first wave of Tau miniatures, but more (much, much more) are incomming.

And here's a Work in Progress pic of entire army still in sprues:

If you like the miniatures - be sure to visit a COMPLETE GALLERY and stay tuned for MY SITE'S BLOG as each saturday I publish new article and the upcomming ones will cover both the Colour Scheme and a Step-by-step tutorial for these bases. 

Any feedback appreciated ;)

Nazroth, Scar_hand Painting
www: http://scarhandpainting.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scarhandpainting

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