The Season of War webpage is now up and live. The background and video are live for the campaign. This is a one month Campaign Event, starting July 14th and going through August 14th. Great idea, and I hope that this carries over to their other games, as I remember fondly Summer Campaigns back to Armageddon and how much of my summer was playing it.

Campaign Site:

The Seeds of Hope had been planted, and though each was different to its counterparts, all three cities were enclaves of civilisation amidst the war-torn bedlam of the Realm of Life.

They swiftly became symbols, in Azyrheim and beyond, of what the forces of Order could achieve in spite of the Dark Gods’ malice. In founding the Seeds of Hope, however, Sigmar and Alarielle had overreached themselves. Where most of the new cities of Order were built steadily, carefully, under the watchful eye of countless Stormcast Eternals, this trio of enclaves had risen with breathtaking speed. Each was isolated, so far away from the others that the cities might as well have been in different realms. Though they could be reached by forces moving through Realmgates from Azyr, the terrain around the cities was still corrupted by the touch of Chaos and swarming with myriad foes. Those dwelling within the Seeds of Hope found themselves fighting daily to repel attacks not only from the servants of Chaos, but from other powers also.

Nagash had taken an interest in the War of Life, and had been secretly feeding deathless armies into the ongoing conflict. His servants had struck at both sides, their motivations mysterious and their methods merciless. Now, as these first cities of Order were springing up in Ghyran, those deathless armies turned upon them. None could say whether the dead were simply continuing to follow the original commands of Nagash – automata that had exceeded their remit – or whether the Great Necromancer ordered the attacks himself. To those on the battlements, the distinction mattered little, as battle was joined either way.

At the same time, vast hordes of orruks, grots, ogors, gargants and troggoths closed in upon the fragile bastions of Order. Though the War of Life had taken its toll upon the tribes of the Jade Kingdoms, untold numbers of greenskins and their ilk still scratched a living amid the horror and the filth. Surrounded by constant war and strife, many had even prospered, while more tribes were drawn in daily from other Mortal Realms as word spread of the bounty to be had in Ghyran. Though no official order was given, and no commanding figure could be named, the hordes of Destruction were drawn to the Seeds of Hope like silkwings to a firebloom, hurling themselves gleefully into battle with any who got in their way. Rumour had it that even the mighty Gordrakk had crossed from the Realm of Beasts into the Realm of Life, just to tear down these new-found places of Order.

The foremost threat, of course, came from the worshippers of the Dark Gods. Nurgle was outraged that such places of purity and purpose should mar the bountiful entropy he had spread across Ghyran. His festering children were quick to regather their strength, marching to war once again beneath their rotting banners and rust-pealing bells. The worshippers of Khorne and Slaanesh gathered too, while from on high came sky-riding hosts of Tzeentchian daemons, and sorcerers seeking to destroy these new cities and plunder their secrets for themselves.

As the Season of War raged and the armies of Order marched out to defend their newly established enclaves, the gods looked on with hope and with hate. The coming days would determine whether the Seeds of Hope would flourish into something greater, or be left as blackened husks, sad memorials to the glory that might have been.

An interesting way to divide up the world was my first thoughts (not trying to think politically but well, the way it was written)

The Living City
Within the reclaimed lands of the Jade Kingdom, the Everqueen forged the Living City from great bulwarks of entwined ironoak and bedrock, fortified with thorn-studded vines.

The Living City will be fought over by participants in the US and Canada.

This region is currently contested.

Greywater Fastness
Built by the Ironweld engineers, the Greywater Fastness is a towering stronghold of ironclad walls, roaring furnaces, and cannon batteries.

Greywater Fastness will be fought over by participants in the United Kingdom and other locations outside of the US, Canada, and Europe.

This region is currently contested.

An ancient metropolis suffused with the power of Ghyran, the Phoenicium stands as a symbol of rebirth in the Realms.

Phoenicium will be fought over by participants in Europe.

This region is currently contested.

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