The 9th Age has put together an update showing off supporting companies work towards the game. There are some nice looking models WIP here, as well as a great deal from Mierce Miniatures.

via Crosslances
Here the sculpture that I made, based on the character of sunna.
We are doing it with Labmasu, it will also be available in stl file version at crosslances.

Avatars of War
via Avatars of War

Hi there!
I finally started working on the first T9A character, really exciting!
Here is the current state of the miniature. Really looking forward to ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Tabletop Miniatures Solutions
via Tabletop Miniatures Solutions
A video of this great new model. The Duke on Hippogriff will be available in our normal offer starting next week . This is a sneak peek at our next army release, which is going to be for the Kingdom of Equitaine. We will begin work on it after our upcoming Undying Dynasties campaign is over.

Mierce Miniatures
via Mierce Miniatures
OK guys here's the full details of our summer sale

Whilst, of course it takes advantage of the low £ for all of you non-£ folk the voucher can be used by anyone so even people in the UK still save a whopping 25% but of course, you non-£ guys get the discount and also gain from the low £ level at the mo - IIRC it's worth around 40% in total from the £ price pre-referendum (based on an average of $1.5 to the £ which is the 'historical' rate(ish).

Enter code LOW-POUND at checkout - save yourself some money and get some awesome minis!

Please note that this sale will likely be very popular and we will be casting the orders as they come in - so there may be delays in shipping whilst we get busy casting. Though we'll be working as hard as possible!


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