September is right around the corner and we know that White Dwarf will be changing to a monthly only magazine. According to this bit, releases will remain the same as they are now, weekly. The interesting part is that releases will be announced via social media... most likely Facebook pages.

As posted up on earlier by War of Sigmar

via AdHocGames, TGA Community, via his GW trade reps
"Just gotten off the phone with my rep, not much AoS to report on but i did get some information about the new White Dwarf launching in september. As you probably all know it's going back to monthly publication BUT the release schedule is remaining a weekly one. New releases will be announced first via social media, White Dwarf itself will be looking back on the past months releases, talking about the hobby etc. The goal is to move it away from just being an advertisement, and instead a must buy for hobbyists again.

I also found out what the free gift with the first issue is. Alas i cannot say, i've been sworn to secrecy. I can confirm though that it's a miniature, and it will be for AoS. If you were to look at items priced £18, you'd get a clearer idea of what to expect."

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