Just a reminder that the Squats themselves are still in the current books. They have not been removed, and are still listed.

the current rumors.....
One of those rumours without proof I'm afraid but got it from a close contact that squats are coming back, little bit steampunk, to 40k. Bonkers but true.

All I have currently is they are quite steampunk in design, think blimps and jump packs with a new jump pack base design.

via a reader on Faeit 212 (thank you for sending this in)
This is a page from the current 7th edition rule book (the Dark Millennium volume.) The same section was also in 6th edition rule book (so has been in print for the past 4 years or so.)

The mini rule books that come with sets such as dark vengeance do not have it and some ereader versions I believe do not.

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