Forgeworld today delves into the Age of Sigmar with a character series model, Shar'tor the Executioner. Also don't forget that this weekend is Forgeworld Open Day.

New today from Forgeworld

Shar'tor the Executioner £70
Bull Centaur Execution Herd  £282

Shar’tor the Executioner is a malevolent warrior-priest of Hashut. This trampling bull centaur carries the terrifying Darktide Axe, a cruel weapon steeped in untold years of slaughter upon which burn vile runes of hatred and malice. Shar’tor also wears Hashut’s sacred Mask of the Executioner, marking him as his dark god’s favoured headsmen, empowered to call out his god’s name with such a malign force, that the sound alone is enough to kill the weak of heart, just as it fills those loyal to Hashut with unholy wrath.

Shar’tor the Executioner is a Chaos Hero of the Legion of Azgorh. His command ability gives nearby units a chance to ignore wounds, and the mask he wears both inspires other Bull Centaurs in your army to charge and gore your foes, and brings death to the enemy.

Shar’tor the Executioner is the first model in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Character Series. This incredibly detailed model is packaged in a stylish presentation box and includes a detailed 105mm oval base, depicting the ruins of battle that Shar’tor tramples beneath his hooves.

This is a complete, multi- part resin model.

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