The Regimental Standard often has some great articles to read, and today is no exception as they handle the tough subject of the Horus Heresy.

Warning though...... Know that none of these myths are true, and that by the Grace of the Emperor, the Inquisition is on standby to make sure you understand.

Read more about each myth over on the Regimental Standard:

The events that you have heard described as “the Horus Heresy” happened 10,000 years ago, but were important in shaping the mighty and all-conquering Imperium that you fight for today.

This was a glorious age, where humanity’s right to rulership of the galaxy was secured, not just over the xenos, but also above the Dark Powers of Chaos.

As with any great events from history, there are a lot of rumours and conspiracies surrounding the events of this age. We are here, as always, to tell you the truth of what happened, and dispel the myths.

Myth #1: Horus was a charismatic leader
Myth #2: Horus was a skilled tactician
Myth #3: Horus’s attack on Terra was almost successful
Myth #4: Half the Emperor’s Legion forces sided with Horus
Myth #5: Many Imperial Army troops sided with Horus
Myth #6: Many of the Traitor Legionaries survived
Myth #7: During the Horus Heresy, three loyal Legions were almost destroyed

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