Independent retailers are having an issue with Chaos Space Marine heavy tanks. They are no longer able to order them. This includes Land Raiders, Predators, Vindicators, and Defilers. The Games Workshop US Webstore has several of these listed "temporarily out of stock".

So what is going on? Well I was hoping to have an answer this morning, but no.
This needed it's own article to stay on topic. Thanks Damo R for the intel.

via Damo R
What I do know so far:
-Indep endant retailers are being told they can no longer order in Chaos Land Raiders, Chaos Predators, Chaos Vindicators or Chaos Defilers. It's unknown if the Chaos Rhino is affected.

-The Chaos Vehicle Upgrade frames are now gone from the UK GW site.

-as of yesterday the Chaos Predator and Chaos Land Raider were listed as Temporarily out of stock on the UK GW site.

Further confirmation. Element Games still had them listed so I emailed them asking about it and they have replied saying:

"We still have one of each of these in stock but unfortunately once they are gone we will be unable to order any more"

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