Gorechosen is up on the Games Workshop website, and its an amazing deal. We had talked about this before about a month ago, and somehow it slipped in on the GW webstore without much notice. This game is a good deal for the 4 miniatures.....

On the GW Webstore Now

Pre-Order Gorechosen  $60
Pre-order product that will ship on Sep 24, 2016
A game of brutal arena combat in the Age of Sigmar.

Mayhem and madness are the sacraments of Khorne, and the Gorechosen – the dark champions of the Bloodbound – provide these offerings in abundance. In Gorechosen, these fiercely competitive warriors take to the arena, battling each other to demonstrate their worth to their mighty leader.

Featuring stunning miniatures and fast-paced, brutal gameplay, Gorechosen is a desperate, tactical battle royal in which only one fighter can triumph! Will your chosen champion dominate the arena, or be struck down in ignominy?

4 Gorechosen Champions
Arena board
4 Fighter reference cards
52 Action, Initiative and Critical Injury cards
Assorted tokens and dice

For 2-4 players
Play time approx., 60 minutes.

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