The next few weeks looks like we will be seeing Haley turn to 40k. It seems like it's been awhile since we have had any real attention to the game. 

However in the next few weeks a codex is expected for Deathwatch along with a few kits. We are not expecting a big release for them, but Sad Panda has us looking to a new flyer of sorts in the mix. 

Along with Deathwatch, the plastic Eldrad we have seen leaked hints at something Eldar coming our way. 

Now that August is really here, campaign Fenris is a likely candidate for the future and Kharn is expected since he is heavily rumored to be on the cover of September's White Dwarf. 

With the exception of good deals on Start Collecting sets, this seems like the first time in awhile I've been excited for 40k, which is still my game of choice from Games Workshop. 

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