The latest files are now updated with a few minor corrections and a couple of added attributes and traits. These were suggested by the community, and fit in nicely to the game.

The latest updates are in, and free to download.
What are the Updates?

1. Clarification to Armor Piercing Attributes. Armor Piercing reduces all armor bonuses by X
2. Electricity Extremes and Resistances. Ignores toughness armor bonuses and critical hits can arc
3. Spear Points correction was made where the points were listed incorrectly under throwing weapons. Spears are common weapons and cost 3 points per squad.

1. Parry ability was added to Combat Tactics to give a deflection bonus at the cost of sacrificing an attack.
2. Unarmed Combat was updated to cost 0 points. This will need some testing, as it has implications to future releases and traits.

1. Formatting of abilities

Im going to imagine there was a few other minor updates, but to be honest Im tired and going to go get some sleep.

The Genesys Project Free Downloads Updated 7/14/2016
Race Building In The Genesys Project: Including the new Armory Sections.
Humanoid Primarius

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