This is a huge bit encompasses what would be the next two years of releases for Warhammer 40,000. A new 8th edition and 5 campaigns to push the envelope right up to the 1 minute before midnight. If this is really the layout for the next edition of 40k, call me more than a little excited.

Please remember that salt is required for this. I don't yet know how solid this is, but it is very well detailed, appears like a logical outline, and looks like a ton of fun.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

8th edition and New Campaign called War in the Webway
8th Edition is kicking off next year but rather than do the usual starter set and massive rulebook with 2 armies facing off they will be releasing 7 starter set army boxes which will be the seven main armies taking part in a new campaign called "War in the Webway" which will be the first of five campaigns which will move the 40k storyline forward to the "1 minute to mindnight mark". All kits in the box are plastic I am told and some will include new plastic updates which will later be released as separate kits. The Main Rule book will just be rules and each Campaign will have a "fluff" and Special rules books which will develop that campaign's storyline.

The six boxes are:
1. Kharn's Slaughterband - (New) Kharn the Betrayer, (new)Khorne Bezerkers, Bloodletters, Bloodcrushers and a Hellbrute)
2. Eldrad's Cursing Spear -  ( New) Eldrad, (New) 2 Guardian squads (can be either defenders or storm guardians, (new) 5 warlocks, 2 war walkers, Fire Prism
3. Magnus' Weavers of Change-  (New) Magnus Daemon Prince, (New) Prosperine Terminators, (New) Rubric Marines (ranged), Rubric Marines (Close Combat), Chaos Predator Tank
4. Iyanna's Phoenix Host - (New) Iyanna Arienal the Oracle of Ynnead, (New) Arcane Battleseer Firesight (Can also be built as standard Arcane Battleseer)  (Can also be built as  10 Wraithguard/Blades,2 Wraithlords, 5 Dire Avengers
5. Ahriman's Unholy Covenant - (New) Ahriman,(New) N'kari (can also be built as standard Keeper of Secrets) (New) 2 Chaos Sorcerors, Rubric Marines, Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, Daemonettes of Slaanesh, Chariot of Tzeentch
6. Sythrac's Anguish Bringer's - (New) Valossian Sythrac the Blade of Vect, (New) 5 Kabalite Trueborn, Kabalite Warriors, (New) Incubi, 2 Venoms, 1 Raider, 1 Razorwing Jetfighter
7. The Laughing Host - (New) Prince Yriel Champion of Cegorach, (New) Sylandri Veilwalker, 3 Harlequin Troupes, 2 Starweavers, (New) 1 Sentinel of the Black Library.

New Kits for the Campaign
I am told that there will be other new kits coming out alongside the campaign, all kits mentioned above will also be available separately. I asked about some of the new units mentioned above and this is what I have so far:

- Prosperine Terminators = Basically Rubric Terminators but all are heavy weapon specialists with in built heavy bolters, multi melta's but also more magical weaponry too. Terminator Models which are more like the Imperial than Chaos ones but have the rubric details you would expect on them.

- Iyanna, the special character we all know and love (or hate) but she becomes very dark and sinister, shes floating on wild growing wriathbone and spirits, has a spear and staff, helmet is a cross between a Farseer and Spiritseer

- Magnus, Daemon Prince, covering in Tzeentch markings, bright red armour and a golden sythe. Described as flying with feathered wings whilst mid casting a spell. Apparently he is in the webway and basically racing Ahriman to the Black Library, they are NOT allies in any way

- Eldrad, still doing his usual thing, new plastic model is very similar to old metal one.

-N'kari, the Keeper of Secrets leading the Slaanesh Daemons in the webway, in an alliance with Ahriman, but both of them are extremely untrusting of the other and secretly have different aims. Also can be built as a normal Keeper of Secrets, multiple weapon and head options, posed as if leaping and about to strike out.

- Arcane Battleseer, similar to a Wraithknight with psychic weapons and powers. Imagine if you smashed up a wraithknight into chunks of Wraithbone then bound them back together with psychic energy energy, can be posed casting a spell, fighting or just standard. Looks extremely cool I'm told.

-Arcane Battleseer Firesight, The first Arcane Battleseer. Used to be the High Farseer of Iyanden but then died and became a Wraithseer and a close advisor to Iyanna Arienal. Was blown apart along with 2 Wraithknights after detonating an Ork Stompa. Iyanna's desperate ritual to save Firesight merged the souls of the Wraithknight Pilots and Firesight together and created a new Wraithbone body called an "Arcane Battleseer". A successful design so has begun being replicated on other craftworlds in addition to creating Wraithseers. Posed like a normal Arcane Battleseer but has a more ornate head and a special energy spear/staff.

- Valossian Sythrac, Basically is Vect's top Archon who does all of his dirty work.
Posed leaping forward with a Husblade behind him and an open soul trap in an outstretched hand which has tendrils of energy leaping forward from it. Has a Golden Helmet with multiple Horns which apparently look a bit like Malekith from WHFB.

-Prince Yriel, similar to current model but cloak is now a diamond one, and stands on top of eldar architecture with spear swiping and leaving 'Green fire behind it". He now wears a mask covering the left half of his face which included his special Eye thing which has received a bit of an upgrade and now shoots a special beam. His Banners on his back are gone and replacing with long hair blowing in the wind.

-Kharn the Betrayer, a lot like the current model but more dynamic and posed as though lashing out at an enemy.

-Sylandri Veilwalker, Special Shadowseer, floating on mist which also covers half her character. Has a curved semi circle blade in one hand and a staff in the other.

- Sentinel of the Black Library. Wraithlord sized figure with a long spear held by both hands. Cloaked in a long black and white chequered robe and has a mirror mask for its face which is mostly hidden by a hood.

Future Campaigns
There are apparently 4 more campaign book series' (each with their own army starte sets and new releases).
Campaign 2 Is Eye of Terror area Chaos invasion (Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Astra Militarum, Eldar, Necrons VS everything Chaos)
Campaign 3 Is Orks Vs Nids Vs Imperium Vs Necrons in Octarius Sector and surrounding space
Campaign 4 Is Tau vs Imperium but later Chaos and a faction of Dark Eldar, Necrons also turn up as well apparently
Campaign 5 is Eye of Terror area and beyond part 2 (the stories from all 4 previous books brought together)  pretty much every race is sensing the chaos in the galaxy and moves towards this area with their own missions and aims

In Campaign 3 pretty much everyone on the development team is game on for having a Ghazghkull vs Swarmlord whilst Campaign 4 they want a showdown between Farsight or Shadowsun and Imotekh. From what I gather, nothing beyond the first two books is set in stone yet and the rest is all a rough outline.

The aim is that these 5 Campaigns should take about 2 years to run their course and progress the setting to a new state where various side stories can be developed and therefore create new stories but keep the clock at "1 minute to midnight" for the overall setting.

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