There appears to be a full list of expansions coming to Total War. We already know Beastmen are coming on July 28th, but what else is coming? Check this out, and the video by Chapter Master Valrak.

If anyone can translate, that would be really awesome.

Here it is all laid out from the comment sections, thanks to Nick Powell
That being said, with Beastmen labeled as DLC3 in the files, and being the 3rd DLC, so far they're following the same progression.

For those too short on time to look up the discussion of this find at the other forums, here are the list of DLC/Expansion races, in the order they were intended to come out originally:

DLC5 - Wood Elves
DLC8 - Tomb Kings
DLC10 - Skaven
DLC13 - Chaos Dwarfs
DLC15 - Ogre Kingdoms

Exp1 - Dark Elves, High Elves, Lizardmen
Exp2 - Chaos Nurgle, Chaos Tzeentch, Chaos Slaanesh, Chaos Khorne

Here is the latest Total War Warhammer Call of the Beastmen Trailer

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