From the 9th Age, we have new updates that including the rules and magic cards translated into German. Also a big 9th Age tournament has been announced in Frankfurt Germany for September 24th.

via the 9th Age
We proudly announce the second official 1.0 translation: German! Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, including the German community for their feedback. You can find the translations here, just scroll down:
The files have already been updated.

A Russian team has just joined the party and they are going to provide the 8th language for the 9th Age rules. We are getting bigger and bigger!

The Magic Cards are now also available in German:
Die Magiekarten sind nun auch auf Deutsch verfügbar:

A big 9th Age tournament has been announced for September in Frankfurt a.M., Germany:

Ateliergemeinschaft - Lucas Fastabend
Lange Straße 31
60311 Frankfurt am Main

€8/person (box office €10/person)

2,500 points using the 9th Age rules

24th of September 2016 (09:00 - 21:00 hrs)

To sign up for the tournament and for additional information, please visit:
Click here

Mail contact:

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