This coming weekend is the last Weekly White Dwarf release as it moves to its new format, monthly. We already know that the first monthly White Dwarf will have Kharn on the cover. Here are some of the details.

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extra extra ... no white dwarf for the next four weeks!!!

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"Just gotten off the phone with my rep, not much AoS to report on but i did get some information about the new White Dwarf launching in september. As you probably all know it's going back to monthly publication BUT the release schedule is remaining a weekly one. New releases will be announced first via social media, White Dwarf itself will be looking back on the past months releases, talking about the hobby etc. The goal is to move it away from just being an advertisement, and instead a must buy for hobbyists again.

I also found out what the free gift with the first issue is. Alas i cannot say, i've been sworn to secrecy. I can confirm though that it's a miniature, and it will be for AoS. If you were to look at items priced
£18, you'd get a clearer idea of what to expect."

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"First monthly white dwarf has the new Khârn in it (leaning forward charging).

Also a campaign type book with new rules for Chaos Space Marines. It's not a new Codex, but does have cool new rules.

Also included is the new Deathwatch Codex with Artemis Model and the new flyer for them. Looks like a mix between a tau and imperial flyer."

As always, take it with a tiny bit of salt but that one is usually pretty spot on =)

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1. What’s the price of the new White Dwarf?
The cover price of the new 156-page White Dwarf will be:
UK £5.99 | Euro €8 | Poland 30zł | Switzerland 14CHF | Sweden 70kr | Norway 65kr | Denmark 60kr
USA $9 | Canada $12 | Australia $15 | New Zealand $18
Japan ¥1,400 | China ¥60 | Hong Kong HK$82 | Malaysia RM37 | Singapore SG$14
(So, as you can see, the early-bird subscriptions really are a great saving. Check them out at:

2. Will there be a digital edition?
Yes, absolutely! More news coming soon. (If you have a current digital subscription which ends after the end of July, then at that time please contact your local customer service team by phone or email and we'll see you right.)

3. Will I be able to get White Dwarf in my local newsagents?
White Dwarf will be available from all Games Workshop and Warhammer stores, independent stockists and – as the old saying goes – the better sort of newsagents everywhere. Ask them to order it.

4. What languages will the new White Dwarf be published in?
English, French and German.

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