Kharn the Betrayer will be a plastic model according to the very latest bits of information. Not only that but it appears that we will see new formations and psychic powers. Seriously these are some of the best news and rumors we've had for a bit.

Answers to the Questions about the new 40k Releases on Bolter and Chainsword
via Lady Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
-By THE new Khârn is that the FW one?
Not a fan of how the quote wall looked so, yeah, plastic Khârn

-Is it going to be Khorne exclusive or all factions?
I think everyone will be happy

If it gives me new formations and ways to play my CSM differently I will be happy
Thumbs Up
Also some new psychic powers ...
Honestly it's the best we have 'till 8th hits - we wanna use these Chaos Marines for the last days of Humanity

The Original Rumored bit
"First monthly white dwarf has the new Khârn in it (leaning forward charging).

Also a campaign type book with new rules for Chaos Space Marines. It's not a new Codex, but does have cool new rules.

Also included is the new Deathwatch Codex with Artemis Model and the new flyer for them. Looks like a mix between a tau and imperial flyer."

As always, take it with a tiny bit of salt but that one is usually pretty spot on =)

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