There was a very interesting article today from John Bracken of the Events Team over at Warhammer World. This is one of those "goes against everything we have been been playing for years or even decades", and its interesting just who is saying it.

So can you use units that are not technically allowed by your codex? Is this a step too far, or something you would like to see allowed more often?

Using all the Space Marines
To see the entire article, head on over the GW Store Blog

Hi all, John Bracken here from the Events Team and my day-to-day job is run events here at Warhammer World such as Throne of Skulls and Battle Brothers. Today I want to talk about an interesting subject – what Space Marine Chapters can have what?

1: The Rule of Common Sense
Simply put, this the sensible part of my instincts. When I see a model and something screams out to me ‘yeah this is for everyone’, then I typically just get stuck in and get one, no discussion required.
Examples of units that Blood Angels are ‘technically’ not allowed, but I own and use anyway, include; Land Speeder Storms, Ironclad Dreadnoughts, Stormhawk Interceptors, Centurions and of course Stormtalons
Naturally, because they are part of my Chapter – I will be using them with all attendant Blood Angel rules. Because that’s common sense!

2: The Rule of Strength
If something is just ludicrously awesome in the game I’m just gonna shoehorn it in somehow. It’s almost no-holds barred in this instance – and because between Unbound and allied formations I could easily do it within the framework of the game anyway, it’s not that big a deal for me to add them to my collection.
In order to stop my army getting savaged by Amy’s Riptides (grumble grumble) I bought six Centurions. Sure, Blood Angels ‘can’t’ have them, but my Riptide problem was solved in short order. That made them a permanent addition to my armies.

3: The Rule of Cool
If you have an idea, and you can make it work – then do it!
My example of this is my Stormwolf. I love the model and with a few Sanguinary Guard wings to cover up the Wolf head icons I’m hot to trot. It also a great model that looks much better in red.

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