Mantic has a new line of models out for Kings of War, the Empire of Dust. So whether you are looking for models for Kings of War of a list of other games out there these models would work great for, here is your chance to pick them up.

New From Mantic
These are all pre-orders now, and will be available on July 25th.

Getting Started with the Empire of Dust $124.99
Empire of Dust Army $84.99
Empire of Dust Mega Army $174.99
Skeleton Regiment $34.99
Skeleton Archer Regiment $34.99
Revenant Regiment $34.99
Balefire Catapult $27.49
Enslaved Guardian Regiment $34.99
Swarm Regiment $27.49
Ahmunite Pharaoh or Cursed High Priest $9.99
Revenant Champion or Army Standard Bearer $9.99
Spirits of the Desert - Empire of Dust $84.99
Lord Sautekh`s Glorious Host - Empire of Dust $289.99

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