Behavior is hosting the first live Twitch show for the month of July. There is a lot going on right with Eternal Crusade, and this is a good chance to see what lies ahead.

via Behavior Interactive
Montreal, Quebec, Canada – July 8th, 2016 –
Today, July 8th at 2pm EST (11 am PST), Behaviour Interactive will be hosting their first weekly broadcast for the month of July on all things Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp.

This week we are kicking off the summer months with a show for the fans!

As time ticks down and the swarm approaches we will have live gameplay planned. More importantly, we are dedicating the show to answering everything you could possibly ask!!

So join us for some fun on our show this week and ask away about the Marines, Chaos, Eldar, what's next?

Or just go right into questions about PvE! Brent Ellison and the team is working heavily on these elements right now so it's time for your questions abound!
Join us for the show today!!

LINK to Twitch Channel:

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