I have not had a confirmation yet on the releases this week, but it does look like the prices are going to be correct for the new BaC separate box sets. There is also a new Beast Arises Book, and a new Age of Sigmar novel coming out.

via Retconned Legion on Bolter and Chainsword
So i can confirm that everything listed will be available to preorder on saturday. The official prices are:
Mark IV Marines: £30/ 39 Euros
Cataphractii £40/ 52 Euros
Contemptor £35 /46 Euros
Heroes £30 /39 Euros

Also being released are the next Beast Arises book, 'The Beast must die' and an Age of Sigmar novel, 'Mortarch of Night'.

Nothing has been said so far regarding discontinuing Calth. But you should bear in mind that Calth isn't a line product. From the start we were told in retail that it will last as long as they have stock and enough demand to keep printing more. If sales drop off in favour of the individual kits, it's likely to go.

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