Very often when it comes to pre-orders from Games Workshop, we get pre-orders one Saturday and the release the following Saturday. This is not the case with the Generals Handbook, it creates a shipping issue depending upon how you ordered the book.

The Generals Handbook's release date is July 23rd, as you can see in the poster above off the Age of Sigmar Facebook page.

Here is what you need to know. Thank you Ben for letting us know what is going on.

Anything ordered with the General's Handbook will not ship until the 
handbook does. 

That means if you ordered all the awesome new Sylvaneth 
stuff last Saturday with the Handbook (as I did) you won't get it until the 
23rd unless you contact customer service and have them split the orders up. 

I know this because I emailed them this weekend asking if that was the case 
and this morning they promptly cancelled my initial order and reestablished 
it into two parts.


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