There were a couple questions readers had in the comments regarding the new Harlequin Skyweavers, and now we have some answers to them.

Here is a link to see the leaked images

Please remember that this is from early leaked information, and thank to the anonymous source for sharing these rules. Consider these rumors. These are from the same source and is additional information from this article here.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The skyweavers are only strength 3, and really do not seem geared toward assault. They have no grenades, flip belts, just what I mentioned on the list. The only close combat weapon available to them is the zephyrglaive  comes at an additional cost making them too expensive in my own thoughts even with 3 base attacks. I would imagine that hit and run will help keep them out of being stuck in close combat if they do get caught. 

The White Dwarf goes through and mentions that Skyweavers are great at softening up targets for Troupes to engage, or taking down heavily armoured targets with Haywire Cannons.

Yes they are considered Eldar Jetbikes.

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