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Dropzone Commander New Units

Yesterday we laid out the Dropzone Commander release schedule. In it was revealed many new things that have not really been discussed, and a few that had been seen in early concept art at the latest shows. I had some time with Hawk Wargames, and have some great details on what is coming in the near future of the game. Fans of the game will be thrilled by the creative new units that are coming over the next few months.

There are new infantry/small vehicle units being released in three waves coming for each faction. While the three waves are all separated by months, I dont have which of these units will come out in which month. So here we go, separated by faction, what is on the horizon for Dropzone Commander.

If you missed the release schedule yesterday. here is your link.

UCM- Infantry
-2 power suit variants; one anti-tank and the other anti-air. These are like mortar teams.
-The third one takes a unique position of a Heavy Choice with Heavy Railguns. Think 2, 3 man squads
I may have some things mis-interpreted here regarding the UCM. My notes got a little jumbled here. There are three new infantry units though, and the Heavy Infantry choice with Heavy Railguns is in there.

PHR- Infantry
-A specialized ultra elite 1 man infantry base who commands drones. Apparently the models are very dynamic and there was some excitement over this one. These guys specialize in clearing buildings.
-This one is based off the immortal longreach rifle. Instead of 1 longreach rifle per base, this squad will have 5 longreach rifles per base. With shaped charges and a 24" range vs counter measures, these guys will be very cool.
-the last one is a jump/jet pack unit. These guys are not as good as sirens, but come with twin guns, and the ability to jump across streets from one building to the other.

Shaltari- Infantry/Vehicles
-Specialists heavy warsuits that are too big to go into buildings. 2x the size of normal warsuits and are considered small vehicles. There are two variants of this model, a flamer based one, and an anti-tank version.
-a new slave race that will be a cheap infantry choice for Shaltari. They are not as strong as the standard shaltari infantry, but come cheap, but must be taken in squads of 4 bases.The cool things about these guys is they have been retrofitted with teleportation devices and shoulder mounted guns.

-Flying creatures (the dragon like things we saw in the concept art), are small flying like prowlers. Meaning they are move quickly and have a CC anti-air attack. They come 8 to a blister.
-Ground Based Creature that is ravager sized. It was 2-3 per blister on this.
-CC Destroyer that sound devastating in CQB. It will be interesting to not have the guns that I so much very like, and instead rely upon their Close Quarter fighting.

Resistance- I believe there are supposed to be 3, but only two were in my notes. Either I missed this one or we skimmed over it during the conversation.
-Quad Bikes that are small vehicles for scouting.
-Small vehicle armed with grenade launchers.

This is just an initial look at what is on the horizon. There is indeed more coming than just these releases. The commanders, famous commanders, new backing stat cards, and of course new balancing releases for the armies.

If you are new to this game, I highly suggest you head on over to the Hawk Wargames site and check this game out.

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  1. PHR getting infantry specialized for clearing buildings and another which easily gets from building to building? Wow, Dave is really aware of the weaknesses of his factions at the time at least. This was as responsive as the type 3 walkers and the jet skimmers in terms of making them a little too slow and light on AA/demo. Good job.

    I'm not sure about the Scourge but I trust Dave won't fall back on the Zerg/Tyranid tone. He's done such a great job with that faction so far and I hope it isn't lost wioth all these new creatures. I hope that the CC destroyers won't make the shooty ones superfluous as the dooms fridge did to wolverines and the Mercuries did to Janus but we'll see how that goes.

    Shaltari have a slave race? Well they turned sinister real quick, worst then the connotations with the PHR when we found out how dickish the Abandonist response was. I also like how the Shaltari ae getting extra-building/out-of-urban warfare that we've grown accustomed to so far. I've played some forest and suburban games but I hope this really pushes this in that direction more for some variety.

    All in all, apart for som trepidation with the scourge, it's all looking swell an solid. I'm still salivating over the new UCM command unit and the upcoming changes to light gunships.

    1. I completely agree with your assessment with Dave's responsiveness to the gaming situation as people find more and more exploits in the rule set. One that I noticed was the the fast and fragile scourge as well as the slippery and tricksy Shaltari neither had any means of stating power, in the former case, mass AA and, in the latter case, mobile heavy hitting weapons. The inclusion of the alien walkers as a standard choice was pretty elegant and didn't change the primary feel of the faction much, with the electrocaster's ranger and the harbinger's durability still fitting with the juggernaught charge of Scourge and the climbing, still teleporting walkers keeping Shaltari's slippery trickiness at the fore front. The new command units will emphisize these options more.

      I too fear that some of this is superfluous already though. Scourge CC is not bad in the slightest with razor worms, aged ones and destroyers already all well suited to the melee. Shaltari infantry, while lacking much variety, does it's tone very well - very few but very good (some would complain too good) and I don't think the enslaved hoarde is needed. But you know, I too trust Dave knows what he's doing. He's been very self aware during the process of this game.

      Resistance an UCM look very solid too. I'm just itching to see these in the pewter.

  2. Fantastic developments for an already superb wargame. I'm really looking forward to all the above.

  3. I'm liking that Dave is actually committing time and resources to small units rather than just going for bigger/more expensive units. One thing that pushed me out of 40k was the trend toward needing gigantic units in order to compete, I've always preferred multiple smaller tactical units unstead. Bravo Hawk Wargames.

    1. Completely agree. As a (former) Tyranid player, the advent of the plastic Trygon was the devil in disguise. I like that there a few big units in Dropzone, the Hades, Annihilator, but I would hate for the system to get infected by the model-size-inflation-syndrome.

    2. I think he is capturing the "feel" of each army by expanding into the infantry and small vehicle area. With only two infantry in each faction, they felt a little generic. I am liking the more fleshed out options for infantry that are coming.

  4. I'm really looking forward to the new units. I can't wait for the Hera!

    I talked to Dave and Simon this passed weekend at LVO and they are a great couple of guys. They listened to game/rule/unit suggestions from everyone... however odd or possibly silly.

    What impressed me most is that Dave has a REASON for every unit, every rule, every decision. I asked him why PHR Type 1, 2, and 3 walkers can't share a Poseidon, and he said they tried that but the rules for what can share with what and when would be too convoluted and destroy the "clean rules" paradigm they want to maintain.

    That blew me away due to my gaming experiences with 40k. I can't recommend this game enough.

  5. PHR Infantry that can jump across streets from one building to another?!?!? Woo-Hoo!!! Yes, now we get some shenanigans!!!

    There's been a huge discussion over on the Hawk forums (several threads, really) talking about some of the shortcomings of PHR, mainly that our stuff is so slow (for the most part) and so expensive points-wise. And in that vein, how Shaltari have a huge edge in objective missions in that they can go through a light gate out of one building and thru another light gate right into another building, to start searching the very next turn. Now we find out about this new OHR Infantry coming! Wow, just, wow! What an amazing company! Can't wait!...

    1. PHR, not OHR, obviously... Sorry about that...

  6. A really outstanding game with great models, rules and army balance.