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New Infantry, Commanders, and the Future of Dropzone Commander

Beasts of War did an excellent job of getting a lot of insight and first looks at what is coming on down the line from Hawk Wargames. There is an interview with David Lewis, where you can see the new artwork for the backing cards, and videos getting a chance to see first hand some of the new models that are coming.

Here are a couple videos that you should see. Then head on over to Beasts of War Invasion 2015 coverage for even more content.

Future Releases

PHR Nemesis

UCM Phoenix

Scourge Oppressor

Shaltari Gharial

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  1. Picked up the starter this weekend at PAW in the UK, it's an exciting time

  2. I think it's one of the most fun and best games I played recently. The guys at Hawk Wargames do a great job!

    1. Yeah, same here! I think DzC is a great game.

    2. Big ditto here! I've only been in it for 8+ months and I've accumulated 4 rather large armies (out of the 5), and played countless games. I may not go back to playing 40K for a loooong time, I'm having too much fun with DzC!

  3. The Phoenix AC2 makes me incredibly happy. It is the missing puzzle piece to my UCM air-cav force. Between it, the Eagle, and the Falcon I should be able to lay down some withering firepower.

    1. From the sounds of it, the Falcon will be getting a bit of a buff. Just a "tweak", but anything to make it a bit better will be welcome! I love the model, and the idea, and once you've neutralized any AA that can get to them, they absolutely tear up ground units (I've been on the receiving end of this before), but until then they're too fragile to be out where any AA can sneeze at them...

      But it's great that Hawk Wargames have recognized this and are making adjustments to the units and the game, in a positive way!