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Warmachine: New Colossals!

For those of you who missed the Privateer Keynote yesterday, they had a very big announcement. The next wave of colossals commeth!

Here's a rundown of what we know.

  • New Colossals are on the same chassis as old ones. Possibility of upgrade kits?
  • Hordes will see new gargantuans revealed at Smog Con.

Cygnar - Hurricane
  • Two pow 16 lightning generators that push models back 3"
  • Arc-Node
  • No storm pods :( 
  • Nemo3's best friend!
Khador - Victor
  • The biggest gun. Innaccurate, but 5" aoe and multiple ammo types:
    • Create rough terrain
    • Reduce Def of enemy models in the aoe.
    • Continuous Effect: Fire
Protectorate of Menoth - Revelator
  • Two vanquisher guns, for MOAR FIRE!
  • Sees through stealth.
  • Takes stealth away from enemy models!
Cryx - Sepulcher
  • Turns enemy models into thralls.
  • Can make brute thralls!
Retribution of Scyrah - Helios
  • No ranged weapon.
  • Instead, tractorbeam that lets you push enemy models 3" in ANY direction.
  • Force gate ability that lets you further manipulate the battlefield. (Mysterious!)
Convergence of Cyriss - Prime Conflux
  • Lightning guns!
  • Produces new Ionization Servitors
    • Ionization Servitors increase damage dealt by electric attacks.
Now excuse me while I change my pants and get my hopes up for the new Mountain King!

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  1. Warmahordes uses a lot of different models based on the same basic design. Sort of like how Warhammer makes different vehicles based on Rhinos, Raiders, Devilfish, and wave serpents. It'll likely just be a new box with everything you need.

  2. Actually most of the newer plastic kits for WM are capable of producing several different similar variants. If they do make their new versions as closely based on the previous designs it is quite possible they will be released as multi-unit kits.

  3. The new Colassals are cool but that Iron Kingdoms board game The Undercity they previewed has me super excited. Also Iron KIngdoms Unleashed looks and sounds like it could be alot of fun.