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Archaon Video Reveal: February 27th

Games Workshop released a video teaser today preparing us for the next End Times book, and gave us the date for pre-orders..... February 27th. These pre-orders are only for new Blood Thirster model this week, and I would imagine that the End Times book -Archaon will be the week after. There is some awesome artwork in the video, which are really inspiring. Get ready, the next book is coming soon, The End Times: Archaon.

via What's New Today -Games Workshop

Death rises. Empires rot. Gods perish. Kingdoms fall.
Chaos Reigns! Be here on Friday 27th to witness the instrument of your destruction.

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  1. Need to know exactly how big the thirsted is. Guesswork is no good.

    So far I've heard:

    -Cavalry model size
    -Twice the height of a Cavalry model
    -Bigger than Nagash

    Well? which is it?!

    1. Bloodletters do not quite reach a Bloodthirster's knee in height. I am hoping that we will see leaks today or tomorrow. It is that big.

    2. flying orcs

    3. We've already seen pictures.... It's nagash sized, but bigger cause wings and stuff...

    4. Nobody remember Captain Citidels pic of a blood thirster amongst other troops?

    5. Problem. What you heard. Resolution: Fact check yourself. In doing so you will have found actual pictures of new Bloodthirster. Not ridiculing, just making a suggestion. As the pictures of the Bloodthirster has been floating around for quite a few weeks.

    6. one of the pics is here. This is one where he's with a lot of models.

    7. The Thirster is Nagash height but bulkier.

      He's raised up on a spout of flames, so bare that in mind if you're comparing him to other models, as it's slightly deceiving.

    8. it is x2/3 times bigger than the imperial lord on griffon. (including wings, not including wings it is double the size/mass of griffon, though more muscular) that griffon model is more or less three cav miniatures stacked from base on top of the other model (to tip off griffons wings) so if the BT is the size of cav, then they have made those models HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGEEEE. since that's not the case i'd say a good guesstimate is around 5" at the body of the BT, and around 2.5" again for the wings. so roughly the size of the wraithknight. (i'm guessing WK is around 7" or so)

    9. that is a conservative guess as well. the wings could be 5" and the body could be 6" but it doesn't look 11" (7" seems about right based on a terrible picture)

  2. I would bet it will be as big as the other end times biggies. Pretty big.

  3. Replies
    1. And I assume it isn't Nagash because HE WOULD BE YELLING, like he did in all of ET;YELLING Nagash....use your inside voice Skeletor.