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Warhammer Fantasy Rumors

There is a batch of rumors going on about Warhammer Fantasy that should be mentioned, although I don't really know much about them. I have added a second part to this below, that shows several armies no longer being made, and some changes.... like to the Elves being more Eldarish.

Please remember that these are rumors. Please give these some extra salt.

via WhisperofTruth on Dakka
written by Oloh on warseer
List of current model kits that will be officially included in Warhammer 9th. He later posted that this list is accurate, but incomplete, meaning there may be additional kits that survive that are not listed, with the implication being that you should be OK to purchase and paint these kits (but not base).

Cauldron of Blood/Bloodwrack Shrine
Eternal Guard/Wildwood Rangers
Sisters of the Thorn/Wildriders of Kurnous
Witch Elves of Khaine/Sisters of Slaughter
Savage Orcs
Night Goblins
Night Goblin Fanatics
Mournfang Cavalry
Thanquol and Boneripper
Vermin Lord
Grey Seer
Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace
Hellpit Abomination
Coven Throne/Mortis Engine
Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon
Maggoth Lords
Gutrot Spume
Chaos Spawn
Chaos Warshrine
Chaos Daemons
Grimm Burlockson
Josef Bugman

Supposed list of current model kits that will be officially included in 9th from WhispererofTruth, an unconfirmed source at DakkaDakka that has been providing 9th information to date. He later posted that this list is accurate, but incomplete, meaning there may be additional kits that survive that are not listed, with the implication being that you should be OK to purchase and paint these kits (but not base).

7 Champions and an army of light.
No more Lizardmen, but still playable.
No more Gnoblars/Skinks. They become Goblins.
No more Beastmen.
Elves become more Eldary, units take on aspects of their gods.

There are some units like the Blood Knights that I expected to survive into 9th, but the events of the books have made me doubt this is going to happen anymore. They were due to be updated. Plus it fits with the new merging unit policy, not sure that's happening anymore though. Something similar happened to the Bone Giant, that being said I heard the Bone Giant was getting a redesign and a release some point in the future.

The game will become more Fantasy like, less cannons and warmachines. More magical. It's not just the "Humans" that get empowered by the gods all factions will experience this.

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  1. Araloth seems an odd choice considering his fate in End Times: Khaine, but I guess its anyones guess at this point

  2. i still very much doubt the complete removal of lizardmen. theyre far too popular, and GW would go through making a load of new plastic kits for them only to just get rid of it all a year later.

    1. They're not. I've heard from a reliable source that the WHFB rumours are rubbish and that 'Lizardmen are too popular an army to get squatted'.

    2. Good.

      I personally can see Lizardmen in their bubble ships raining down armies of Dino's from a geo-synchronous orbit and taking the fight to Chaos for a change.

      In fact I can see how all armies will come out stronger than ever before.

      - All Elves are now more or less united.
      - All the humans will be united, possibly with the Dwarfs
      - Undead are all united
      - All Chaos is united
      - Orcs possibly unite with Ogres.
      - Skaven have Moon destroying super weapons.

      All the armies are still there, just more unified or stronger

    3. ^ more wheat and less chaff.

    4. The way I see it, the only army likely to get squatted, fittingly, are the dwarfs. They're the one army that's pretty much relegated to a single area now, and in end times they've been getting absolutely annihilated, moreso than most. They're also the only army out there without a close ally. For the others, we have;

      Orcs, Goblins (now ogres?)
      Empire and Brettonia
      Elves, Elves and More Elves (with spirits too)
      Chaos, Chaos and More Chaos with extra Skaven for fun

      And of course, there are Lizardmen too, but unlike Dwarves they're absolutely integral to the setting. The dwarves' fluff is basically just "they showed up one day and then everybody hated them".

      Now it's time to sit back and wait for the twist lizardmen/dwarf hybrid list.

    5. but getting annihilated is kind of the dwarfs' deal. it happens in every fantasy setting. dwarfs digging too deep and not getting destroyed by something horrible would be an amazing new direction

    6. "They're also the only army out there without a close ally"
      also, did you skim over the part of the whfb background where the fledgling empire and the dwarfs teamed up to destroy a huge orc invasion and one of nagash's uprisings (he was a ghost for that one, not a giant skullpope) and have been mostly bros since then?

    7. Well, I meant mainly during End Times really. They've been left to fend for themselves.

    8. "Left to fend for themselves?" Ummm. You do realize the Empire was having every one of their City States destroyed by Chaos and are now basically refugees wondering the ruins of their burning nation.

      Not really in the position to help the Dwarves who thought they could deal on their own. (They are stuborn after all.)

      The Dwarves and Humans have the closest ties of all the races, they are just self relient normally.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I tend to agree that Natfka reports pretty much anything, but GW doesn't have any sort of interaction with its players regarding releases, let alone press or advertising.

      I come here for white dwarf leaks.

    3. There is a lot of talk about these kinds of topics going on right now with Warhammer Fantasy. While I think this one deserves a lot of salt, its worth mentioning so that people can be informed on what the latest rumors are saying.

      Many rumors lately have been quite "messy", and not everything comes in directly to me where I can ask for clarifications and more details.

    4. You don't have to explain yourself mate you do this community a service with this site and it really helps to keep the hobby for me any way going.

      If they are the rumors out there they are the rumors. You can't just post only the stuff people want to here.

      Good on you Naftka keep up the good work

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. So according to you, Darnok, Harry, and Hastings, extremely reliable sources for Warhammer Fantasy rumors who've stated multiple times that this is where WFB is going, are purposely spreading false "hate rumor bullshit?" So what's their motivation, and why would they discredit themselves and ruin their solid records as rumor mongers?

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. @Man - I could be wrong but I don't think Harry or Hastings have spoken about the Fantasy side of things.

      Besides, I won't believe it until StickMonkey confirms it :P

    9. Don't hate on Natfka, he is just reporting what he is being sent and I do believe he has mentioned often to take some salt with this and that these are rumors. So he is being very up front about what is being posted, so don't read more into it than needed.

  4. Uhhhg. I just started a new Ogre army. Like I need an excuse not to paint.

    Like what am I supposed to do? wait and see? I hope GW realizes that not knowing means I'm not buying anything (more) until I do. There isn't an Ogre core on that list, what am I supposed to think?

    I just wish they were clear about this stuff, the rules and changes generally turn out ok, but building a new army needs lots of planning.

    At least I didn't go with Beastmen.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haha I have started up a high elf, wood elf and chaos army all in the space of 2 years. Large ones at that and I am not worried.

      One thing I have learned about GW over the years is that on odd occasions they may get small things wrong but one thing that is consistent when they make changes thing are for the better.

      I do not for one second believe they will bin entire ranges. We may see ogres move into orcs if end times Archaon is any thing to go by. But would it really be that bad? Think about all the modelling and army building possibility.

      What ever they do it is going to be amazing they have not disappointed me yet "besides codex grey Knights" :-) Iook at end times or codex Harley or necron man such amazing work.

      Do you really think they are going to throw it all to the wind.

    3. Personally, I think the End Times was an awful change, full of unbalanced options god-awful fluff (to me at least) that does a fantastic job at ruining all the cool stuff that got me into Fantasy in the first place. Not all change is good and I certainly don't trust any company to make good changes 100% of the time.

    4. Didn't the rumors say that Ogres where going into the human faction with Dwarfs?

      Ohh well, in a few months we will know if it was a clever hoax or not :-)

    5. i'd expect Ogres to become mercenaries like they were in their first book in 6th ed, so any army can hire them

  5. And no mention of chaos dwarfs. Business as usual.

    Also, what is this gnoblars/skinks becoming goblins? Sure, gnoblars are a goblinoid race, but skinks are lizardmen. Clarification would be nice, though is probably a typo

  6. Ya do what wants you to do ...not what u want to thing to do is sell ogres while rumors still not sure and buy updated models as they come out. I sold 3 of my 5 armies on eBay and still got fair value. Now poised to buy new models or army when and if worth it. Don't buy into nonsense as half this site seems peppered w peepl from or affiliated w gw in some manner. They got leaks down to where only they control them. Everything is bull until may and will prob be delayed at that. Now for u feeling uneasy bc gw never informs those who support the game hobby and profits. Welcome to gw lol...the reason no one knows anything is bc gw shit themselves when sentiment numbers came in so low after such great eot sentiment...bottom line one knows including gw as they are still tweaking rules due to reactions of failed rumors. Everyone here once hated all this at first but then they all flip flop like mitt Romney. I thk they like to hear their own voice which makes them selfish Lil boys that are overburdened by their toys. They are the product of their own environment.

    1. Man did GW kill your pony or some thing? That is a lot of hate you are carrying around there

  7. Oh crap. The black powder empire stuff and dwarf stuff are the only bits that I really like in fantasy. The skaven might keep some of their more steampunky stuff though.

  8. For all intents and purposes I feel they did kill 100 of my Bret ponies.

  9. I am starting to wonder, just, how many people do play lizardmen? Please dont just write "a lot", how many guys you ever seen at your game store with an army of lizardmen?

    1. With my gaming group it would be easier to say who doesn't play lizards. That would be only 3 out of about 20 people. Everyone seems to dabble in them or even have a GT army list of them. So they seem popular to me.

    2. out of the 1000+ gamers i have interacted with (gamed against) 10% at that time (early 2000's) played lizards. i have no accurate information to support them being popular 15 years later when the community where i live has all but dried up (40k included unfortunately)

    3. so in saying that in my experience based on figure based on a guesstimation, i'd say at one time (my own experience) 1 in 10 are interested, that's not globally as i wouldn't know either way. (that was 15 years ago now though so who knows how popular they are....GW does)