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Dropzone Commander: Tournament Results and More.

Dropzone Commander has a lot going on right now. Invasion 2015 just ended and those tournament results are up. Shaltari took the field, and the most slots in the top 10 armies, but of course every army there was represented.

We are also standing at the beginning of a large series of releases, that will bring us all the famous commanders, but also new standard command units for each faction. The first release is just a few weeks away with pre-orders already up. You can see these at the following link

I was hoping that someone would be giving us some previews of what is on the horizon for Dropzone Commander (something new), but right now the only information we have going forward is a vague "more than just command units are coming". Of course as soon as I can get more information, I will get it up on the site.

Here are the latest tournament results for Invasion 2015

I obviously was not there, but I find it odd just how few UCM players there was in the tournament. Makes me want to break out some UCM in my next battle.

Here is a link to their facebook page, where pics of the event are at.

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  1. There was only four at the last one(myself included) that I can remember. Speaking to the other gamers fielded UCM that they just aren't that competitive enough especially with the weakest deck of all.
    The new cards sadly don't make a huge difference there unless you take a strong naval presence. Nobody did.
    Personally I love my UCM and will keep fielding them at every chance but will they win at a invasion event? Not for a while a feel.

    1. That new gunship looks like it could shake up things a bit, though!

  2. These seem to be highly skewed. The Shaltari are almost entirely in the top 33%, the Scourge and Resistance seem to be evenly spread all over the place, while the UCM and PHR appear to be heavily weighted toward the bottom.

    Is this pretty indicative of the game as a whole or just happen to end up that way?

  3. The results are an indication about the game in a tournament setting. Shaltari are the best, mainly because of their teleport mechanic, which allows them to take objective and focal points in the very last turn more freely than the other races. Thus allowing them to turn the game in the very end, if the player knows how to play these tricks.
    I disagree with PHR being at the bottom, they came out between place 10 and 20 mainly, they are a strong army, but very immobile.
    The Scourge proofed their status as glass cannon, either you win big or you loose big. They are placed either in the top or at the very end, no Scourge player between place 6 and 27.

    Regarding new stuff for Dropzone, Orbital Bombardment and Beasts of War made interviews.
    There is new infantry coming out. I heard of a UCM power armor with Anti tank railguns and pretty useless in Close Quarter Battle. Also a new scourge flying beast, size between a Destroyer and a Prowler, it looks like armed with some kind of plasma weapon.

  4. There were as many UCM players as Resistance. Shaltari do seem to have a slight edge in this game.

    1. Shaltari are definately the strongest army all round. A decent player will always do well. The Scourge require more practice and skill but are lethal. The UCM are the all rounders and can challenge the others when used correctly. I my opinion the PHR are the most forgiving army for a beginner, shoot and shoot some more with their awesome firepower.