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Thunderwolves Being Worked on

Thunderwolves are a model I think we should of seen ages ago. It would of made the Space Wolf codex release shine to see these models released at the same time as the codex launch. Now that its been over a year or so, many people have given up on seeing Games Workshop produce such a model. Many people have created their own.

Today's rumor is from Forgeworld staff at Games Day UK. I think he kind of slipped up on this question, because I am sure his answer should of been "The Forgeworld Teams are not working on one, I don't know about Games Workshops studios." Instead he indicated that "someone was working on them". Meaning Games Workshop has a model in the works. I know rumors have said that we would see one this fall, and many Space Wolf players were really looking forward to Games Day UK to see one.

Its only a small bit of info, but one that we all wanted to hear.

Tony was asked re Thunderwolves and his answer (to me at least) implied that FW weren't doing them but "someone" was. I'd guess a GW one is on the way.

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  1. Sweet Jesus, you must learn to write.

    Should HAVE, could HAVE, would HAVE.

  2. ofc FW is not doing them... they don´t do models that are in GW books/dexes they do their own stuff

    GW does their models "if they sell well" in plastic AFTER integrating them in the GW codex.

    also its been more like 2 years now ^^
    don´t think we will see them just becaus so many other companys have done thunderwolves + a lot of people think they goofy
    And if you really want a GW model you can buy a ton of canniswolfborns :D

  3. And you should learn how to turn your caps off.

    Besides; if this is the best comment you have to offer about this post, maybe, just maybe you should consider not to comment at all.

  4. anon. Please know this before commenting. Grammatical errors are common, however, should of, and could of, are considered correct forms. Here is an excerpt for the grammatical nazi's

    "it’s now in fact gramatically correct to use these forms, i.e. in writing. Thus, incorrect terms via common usage have become correct."

    You can check further into its usage by reading on it at Department of Linguistics University of Cambridge. Its online.

    This post is not about grammer, so please do not continue this sideline drama. More comments along these lines will be deleted.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I have seen the Canis Wolfborn units, they are quite impressive and I hear rather easy to convert. Staying on topic.

  7. I would love to have some real Thunderwolves. I am far too new to modeling to do any conversion work (well, I turns a banner pole and a sword into a decent looking halberd, but that's not saying much), and having every Thunderwolf look like Canis would be lame.

  8. Hey warmachine Models! cool conversion for space puppies