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Hi there. Keep up the good work!

Here's two for you - three images of my AdMech Magos Dominus, and three of my converted Genestealer Cult Achillies Ridgerunners.

When House Althalos marches to war, the Knight House traditionally dispatches a cadre of Sacristan Wardens, to see to the health of their ancient Knight suits. The eldest and wisest of the Wardens is Magos Dominus Yvai Nokis, a truly ancient creature. 
Little more than a cowled head and spine floating in a vat of milky fluid, he marches alongside the Althalos Knights and their Skitarri retainers inside his life supporting, heavily-armed, six-legged 'Ambulatorix Maxima'.

Powered by a very unsafe neutron collider, many Imperial officers prefer to speak to Nokis remotely...

The legs come from a Robogear 'Spider' model, with a Techmarine backpack, some converted GW scenery, and a dive through my bits box.

My Genecult's ranks have been expanded with the addition of some daredevil dirtbikers, along with converted counts-as Achilles Ridgerunners, which I call 'Atalan Dirtdevils'. The base model is a Robogear toy, with a lot of tweaking.

Long-live the Four-armed Emperor! 

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