This week the focus is on the Generals Handblook, a mini-starter set titled Bonespletterz, and a new battletome... BattleSplitta

Here are all the details that are currently available.
Lady Atia was gracious enough to update us.

Updates via Lady Atia
There will also be a new mini starter set this week, with rules, 4 battle plans, 3 Bloodwarriors, 5 Bloodreavers, 2 Retributors and 3 Liberators.
There will also be some small snap fits sets for 10 pounds each.
Last but not least a new "Getting Started with WH AoS" magazine with a free libarator.

Ad_Hoc on Warseer
The next release is the Handbook, a new mini-starter set, some small sets of clip together miniatures, repackaged Bonesplitterz and a Bonesplitta battletome.

i'm limited in what i can say about the releases. The small sets are 3-5 snap fit miniatures for £10. The mini starter set has 13 miniatures, the rules and some exclusive battleplans retailing for £20. 
The Bonesplitterz are just repacks of the existing savage orks alongside a new battletome.

via Scanner

You can also see them here, if you have issues loading them from the Spikey Bits forums

via Lady Atia
Howdy Guys and Girls - this week is all about the General's Handbook and the Bonespitta battletome/reboxing (similiar to the Flesh Eaters)

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