I have to admit completely surprised by the community so far. There has been some extremely creative races built using the Humanoid Primarius, where you can create your own race. The creativity out there is really beyond what I personally have created in the builder (and some of the playtesters), and its proving the racial creating system to be really working well. and above all else, fun to use.

That said. I have updated the document with a few typos that were pointed out, and a couple clarifications brought up by people testing out the system.

There are probably a few more than this, but here is what was updated.
1. What and what does not stack,
2. Night Sight Rule and abilities
3. Example Race was updated to fix an error.
4. Advanced Arcane Lore was given a point cost

Although the people creating races are not yet done with their races, I wanted to share a little of the creativity out there.

Here are two examples races that were made using the Humanoid Primarius Racial Builder. Others have also been submitted, like a very Roman Empire type of race, and an incredibly fast moving race of Elves focusing on ranged ability and movement.

1. “Degenerated Cannibalism”
This is a race of degenerated feral, goblynoide creatures, only partly human like but more feral beast. These so called “Cannabynoids” consume the rotting flesh and, due to some genetic defect, inherit some of the host's innate abilities and traits. Over the time, multiple clans have formed, each feasting and consuming solely a special prey.

The Cannabynoids are gaunt with reduced toughness, but take on some of the traits of their chosen prey (individual classes), and ambush their prey from cover with abilities to match.

Two class examples
Their ancestors feasted on ancient fay, consuming their flesh. Over the generations, the descendants became more strong minded, but less disciplined. They also develop a way to utilize the fayrie’s  innate way to travel through the ether.

Forbidden Sisters
Members of this tribal branch where long forgotten. Their ancestors left the main hunting grounds, but soon afterwards some event ended in the destruction of the Y chromosome inside this genetical tribe. Years passed and the remaining female population endured and adapted, somehow developing the ability to reproduce by cloning. While the main tribe and the queen-mother resides in the hidden temple, several groups were sent out as the call from the primal tribe was heard. 

2. Synapsor society
Blind and limited to echolocation the Synapsors have developed an ability to tap into the minds of others to lead a society of humanoids.

A human civilization led by beings similar to tyranid synapse creatures, hence the "Synapsers". I'm imagining spear-and-shield walls protecting Synapsers who act as offensive/buffing casters. Simultaneously Snatchers infiltrate to create a wall of smoke and attack vulnerable targets and cavalry rushes around the field.

Class Examples
1. The Leaders are Giant Cyclops Characters
Blind and limited to echolocation the Synapsors have developed an ability to tap into the minds of others to lead a society of humanoids.

2. Snatchers specialize in kidnapping and ambushes. They are used for recon, plundering supply routes and harassing enemy forces. In battle they often deploy smoke bombs near enemy ranged units to protect the bulk of the friendly force from incoming fire.

Interested in trying it out?
Here is a link to the Humanoid Primarius

So please if you spend sometime to make a race. Shoot me some results if you have time.

This pdf contains what you need to create your race. There are a couple sections that are being refined and caught up to the current version of the game. These include the Armory (where weapons and equipment are handled, Powers (arcane and faith powers), and Machines of War (vehicles, and more)

The future release schedule for Genesys looks like this.
1. Campaign rules are right around the corner.... tonight or tomorrow. This will show how games effect your race and how you progress.

2. Next week sometime, the missing sections will start to be added to the Humanoid Primarius.

3. Early July: Core Game Rules. So that you can take your races onto the tabletop.

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