Those that are following this project, know that I am already a day late on the release of the Armory pages for the Humanoid Primarius. This is a Status Report.

I am wrapping up the last pages today and tonight. The delay has been bringing the current armory up to par with the current rule set. That is what Genesys is going through now, an update of the rules from current playtesting. There are literally pages and pages of notes to update.

So here is a little preview of how shields are used. 
There are different types of shields in the game, including ones that you can add your own attributes to in order to create something even more unique.

How do they work in the Genesys Project? Shields deflect the attack value of an attack.

Combat example.... In order for a model to swing in melee combat to hit another model, a d6 is rolled and added to their martial skill. The goal is to roll high enough to hit the target number of the target.

So if my model has a Martial skill of 4 and I roll a 3 on a d6 the total is 7. Lets assume that the melee target number or Mtn of the target is 7. This would mean I hit my target. Now if the target has a shield, he may choose to attempt to deflect the attack after I roll to hit. With a standard shield or buckler, I would reduce the attack value by 1 turning that die roll from a 7 to a 6. So the attack would miss.

If there are multiple attacks coming in, you may choose which one to deflect. This can result in the attack roll being reduced to prevent a critical hit (unsaveable hit), or even make the attack miss altogether.

There are other shield types of course, like Tower Shields which deflect attacks on a full 180 degrees on the facing of the model. (shield walls are fun, but vulnerable to being attacked from the sides or rear. They are also a less mobile, so make sure you support them.)

Release Schedule
So when is the armory coming out? I am working on it now, and tonight to wrap it up. Then its pushing on wrap the final parts of the Humanoid Primarius which are Powers (magic/psychic), and War Machines. The plan still is to be wrapped up by the end of the week.

Also in the upcoming Armory release are a few minor updates, including a few Morale traits.

Some things to think about when making your race.
Target numbers are what the opponent has to roll to hit you. These numbers are calculated directly off of your characteristics.

For Example;
Martial Target Number M(tn) is calculated by adding your Martial skill together with your Defense.
Martial + Defense = M(tn)

In the same way ranged attacks are calculated like this
Movement + Defense = R(tn)

Morale is calculated like this
Discipline + Willpower = Morale

Target numbers are part of your normal characteristics that are recorded in your class stat lines along with your other characteristics.

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