The Genesys Project has a lot coming this next week, and I wanted to give you a sneak peak for some artwork. This is the Trait Tree for the First Age Humanoids, and is a small section of the ongoing work being done for the game.

Patrick, who is doing this piece has gone over and beyond conceptually keeping the work within the design works of the game. Starting with Earnst Haeckels Tree of Life concept (from Generelle Morphologie der Organismen in1866) to the use of the three primary colors and how they mix to form every other color known for the three Evolutionary Trait Sections; Mutation, Adaptation, and Knowledge.

From the first sneak peak of this, its going to be a fantastic way to build your race. This will end up being a full trait tree, allowing you to select your traits with added information including the point costs and abilities granted. The idea being that this is a pull out or fold out for the book so that both the rules and the traits tree can be looked at together.

We will get more on this soon. With around 100 first age traits for the Humanoids Primarius, Patrick has his work cut out for him. Rest assured through, Ive seen the early draft full page layout, and its all looking fantastic.

Also the Genesys Project Logo artwork is his as well. By morphing the mathematical symbol of infinity into the form of a triangle showing a continuous progression through the three Ages of Genesys.

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