As I am updating the Armories for Genesys, I figured it would be fun to create build a quick race that highlights how the armory looks and special and advanced equipment is done. One of my personal favorites to build in Genesys is a race that takes advantage of the Dwarven Shieldwall.

Lets take a look a the race and then a quick peek into how the Armory works for Humanoids.

My Dwarven Race
Traits: Dwarfism, Subterreanean, Aristocracy, Adaptive Advantage (martial), Religous Followers, Heavy Armor (Armory), Masterwork Armor -/10pts (Armory)

Str     T    Mvmt    Martial    Ranged    Defense    Disc     Will    Cmd
 2       2        3             4             2              3              3          2         2

This gives me a 12pt Standard Dwarf capable of taking Heavy Armor into the battle. With masterwork armor as well, we will be able to add new attributes to the armor creating unique advanced armors for our frontline soldiers.

Lets get to the Armory and a few definitions.

There are four categories of Weapons and Equipment
1.       Primitive- No Costs (free): Almost anything can be used as a weapon, from metal bars, clubs, rocks, etc.
2.       Common- Costs per squad: These weapons are commonly used among many races. These include things like spears, bows, Swords, Shields, and Armor.
3.       Special- Costs per weapon/equipment: These are advanced weapon types, like Repeater Crossbows, Heavy Armors, and Firearms.

4.       Advanced -Costs per weapon/equipment: These are advanced forms of Common and Special Weapons and Equipment with extra attributes. 

Special Equipment
Recall also from the Traits, that traits like Heavy Armor have a cost like this -/10. This means the trait itself has no model cost, but to equip the Heavy Armor costs 10pts per model.

So while the Heavy Armor is not required to equip, it will cost us 10 additional points per model that suits up in our armor. The Heavy Armor itself grants us enhancement toughness 2. Very cool, although it also reduces our movement by 1. Still acceptable, but meaning that not all of our squads will want to be so heavily equipped.

Later on when we create classes, we will be taking Body Shields as a trait so that our standard troops can form up into a shield wall giving them a 180 wall of extra protection. Since spears are a common weapon, they are inexpensive to take and equip the entirety of the squad with.

Advanced Weapons and Equipment
We have talked about Special Equipment, now lets take a look at what Advanced Equipment looks like. Advanced Weapons and Equipment has the same point cost approach to it, and in the case of Masterwork Armor -/10pts (Armory), masterwork armors will cost an additional points.

So what does Masterwork Armor -/10 give us?
Answer: We dont know yet, because you the player gets to choose which attribute your Masterwork Armor possesses. Options include protection from environmental extremes (fire, cold, etc), to extra protection against melee or ranged attacks. Even artifact level equipment can be made, with all sorts of special attributes. Each attribute has a point cost, and the we only have 10pts to spend on our attributes. Which ever we choose, we will be able to apply those attributes to any armors we choose.

So with Advanced Weapons and Equipment you can really customize your armies. Artifacts of great power and ability are possible.

One of the great things about the Genesys Project, is how your forces evolve. After games you can depending upon your mission select new technologies, or even create new artifacts.

The armory updates are coming this week......

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