Here you can see how your individual games in the Genesys Project will effect and advance your the race you created in the Humanoid Primarius. The rules within the Core Rules take your race deep into the first age of the game, revealing progress points and the advancements your race will make as it strives forward towards the Second Age of Genesys.

Brief Description of Today's Update
Please remember that these documents are rough drafts.

Every game you play has the opportunity for you to advance your race towards the next age and grant new abilities to your race, classes, or squads. Succeed in an artifact mission for your game?, this will grant you new attributes to create an artifact or weapon of power. A Hold Ground mission?, this will grant a squad from the game to take an additional level up trait.

When setting up games, The board, terrain, and missions are determined before you create your list and equip your warriors for battle. Go into battle having an idea of what you are sending them into, pick the right guys for the job, and know that your opponent is doing the same.

Campaign Rules
The Genesys Project Core Rules

Note. I was hoping to get through list building for the game, and through deployment for this release all the way up to the first Game Round. Obviously that did not happen. It will get there. 

Race Building In The Genesys Project
Humanoid Primarius

Please if you spend sometime to make a race. Shoot me some results if you have time.

The Humanoid Primarius pdf contains what you need to create your race. There are a couple sections that are being refined and caught up to the current version of the game. These include the Armory (where weapons and equipment are handled, Powers (arcane and faith powers), and Machines of War (vehicles, and more). Look for these coming next week.

Updated release schedule for Genesys looks like this.
1. Next week sometime, the missing sections will start to be added to the Humanoid Primarius starting Powers and the Armory

2. Early July: Core Game Rules. So that you can take your races onto the tabletop.

3. Also there may be some sneak peaks of some very exciting Genesys related content coming very soon.

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