When it comes to getting on jumping in for the 9th Age T9A, Shieldwolf Miniatures has publicly announced they will be doing Starter Army Packs in 2017. If you were a part of their last kickstarter you already know the models Shieldwolf produces, with the Shieldmaidens, Orcs, and ya know..... those awesome Lion Riders and Ice Bears (look here).

This is in two parts. The first is the latest Shieldwolf newsletter talking about their Kickstarter progress, War is Coming, and the 9th Age. The second is a response about pricing to be expected for the sets once they are released.

via Shieldwolf Minaitures
We are happy to reveal that the Team at Shieldwolf HQ is busier than ever! Not only is the fulfillment process of our very successful Shieldmaiden KS at full speed but there are also talks with new distributors interesting in collaborating with Shieldwolf Miniatures in countries like the USA, Holland and the UK. 

Shieldwolf Miniatures has completed the releases of the fantasy busts in the project "Monuments of Glory-2" with great success, although technical reasons have currently disallowed the jewel of our collection to be released (we are referring to the River Orc Great Shaman). The warmth with which painters and collectors once again received the project indicates to a very possible "Monuments of Glory-3". 

"War is Coming" game is going to be deprived of almost 90% of its funding for the next 2 to 3 years. The remaining 10% will be directed for artwork and editing of the fluff/fantasy storylines Angelos is going to keep on writing. The reserved funds will be instead directed in vastly augmenting the 28mm miniature range in support of T9A. 

Concerning T9A, there are two things we'd like to publicly share with you: 

First has to do with yet another innovative move from Shieldwolf Miniatures, being once again the first to publicly announce STARTER ARMY PACKS dedicated to T9A community and to be released in 2017. These are going to allow newcomers an easier entrance to the fantasy wargaming hobby, disregarding what some call "entry barrier" and offering a starter army of the highest quality (both sculpt and material wise) ready to field and play! 
The following packs have already been decided upon 
-Shieldmaiden Starter Army 
-Orc Starter Army 
-Shieldmaidens vs Orcs 
hopefully with many more to come. We hope and believe more manufacturers are going to try and follow our example just like they followed our lead when we actively supported T9A as the first established manufacturer doing so! 

Second thing we'd like to share with you is that we will be present in the Athens ETC (of which we are proud sponsors) and we are very eager to meet and interact with you and also answer any questions you might have. 
In the meanwhile... happy wargaming! :-) 

Thank you. 
The Shieldwolf Team.

In Response to the Questions about the pricing and number of models

When we say "friendly" to newcomers, we mean friendly indeed! Prices nor exact contents have not been completely decided yet (so take this with a bit of salt) but we are currently looking at 45-50 minis at the 65-70(max)euro range for the single starters. This price includes worldwide shipping through our webstore, but we'll be very probably making these available for retailers too.
The larger box with the 2 factions together should round up around 87-90 minis at the 100euro mark give or take according to current calculations. Again, same thing with shipping as above.

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