A new edition next year is definitely about due. Of course our transition from 6th to 7th was rather rushed, and next year would make the time frame a little closer to the norm. What we have is a confirming month for the new edition of 40k. This was part of a conversation, and appears to be real at this point.

This comes from good sources, but like all rumors we will see how it turns out. A new edition with this and the following bits from Lady Atia, would make Chaos Players Worldwide go nuts.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Im confirming a new edition of 40k next September. 

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via Lady Atia on War of Simgar
Warhammer 40k turns 30 years old next year. The new edition is due. The clock will be taken from 5 minutes to midnight to 1 minute to midnight with the return of the Daemonprimarchs - or will they return alone? This is the theme of the new setting - think along the lines of 13th Black Crusade - but this time, it's serious. They want to get the same excitement as the community had during the End Times - without actually going as far as Age of Sigmar did.

Chaos fans - this is your hour. Stop beeing grudgy, there will be lots of love for all of you - renegades, former legions, daemon lovers.

The lore already start to unfold, with the Shield of Baal and Warzone Fenris - so we are already within the action. As usual, this is a bit of an early talk, so stay cool and take it with a tiny bit of salt.

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