Rumors have pointed to a new edition coming next year and with it a huge focus on moving the time line forward closer to midnight. Daemonic Primarchs, and a lot of Chaos will be the focus. Im already excited for 2017.... although Im not writing off fun releases in 2016 either.

Dave sent this in a while ago, (and it got misfiled in my email system). I figured it was worth sharing, as it's all about the dialogue, and the communities desire for the Great Enemy of Chaos to resurge and and be the big threat most people think it should be in the 40k universe.

via Dave, sent in to Faeit 212
Dear Sir/Madam,
Please could you pass the following on to the design team:

A Rebalance of Power:
Chaos is THE great enemy of the 40K universe and Chaos Space Marines are the dark mirror to the Imperium's Loyal Chapters. Whilst the Space Marines have gone from strength to strength with numerous new releases to keep them viable in the changing landscape of war in the 40K, Chaos Space Marines have fallen further behind and no longer have parity with them.

While I do not want Chaos Space Marines to perfectly mirror Space Marines, I do think that there is a desperate need to tweak CSM in order to claw them back to parity. What must be remembered is first and foremost is that CSM are after all Space Marines, the majority survivors from the Horus Heresy era. Therefore they should have rules and options to better reflect this.

Here are some steps that will go a long way towards achieving this goal:
Artificer Armour/Flesh Metal Armour: CSM have been fighting since the Horus Heresy, surely they would have kept all suits of Artificer Armour that they had as highly prized items similar to Terminator Armour. All Characters, including Sgt types should have access to this or Flesh metal armour as an option.

Dark Apostle: should have the option for a bike or jump pack and Daemon Steeds. Why should these leaders be limited to the rear echelons, when they have evolved from chaplains. And similar to them aim to inspire their followers.

Chaos Bikers: If your warlord is mounted on a bike then Chaos Bikers must be eligible as Troops.

Chosen: These are the elite within a CSM warband and as such have access to the best equipment available and are likely to deploy with their Warlord as his bodyguard. Furthermore depending on their parent Legion they would've had a different battlefield role, to better reflect this I believe they should as a minimum have an option to take Jump Packs and probably bikes as well.

Chaos Raptors: Similar to Chaos Bikers if your warlord takes the option of a jump pack then Chaos Raptors should become troops.

Chaos Terminators: Similar to Chaos Bikers if your warlord takes the option of Terminator Armour then Chaos Terminators should become troops.

Special Weapons: the rules for special weapons in squads currently state 1 per squad, unless the squad is 10 or more when they can take a second. This should be tweaked to be 1 in 5 for all squad types. Grav Weapons should remain unique to the loyalists.

Heavy Weapons: I believe CSM should have access to both Multi-Meltas and Plasmacannon. After all they've been able to maintain Meltaguns and plasma guns. Grav Weapons should remain unique to the loyalists.

Land Raider: As a minimum, these should have the option for Frag Assault Launchers, after all these have been around since the Horus Heresy. Their is probably justification for CSM to gain access to either the other Variants (with Assault Cannons replaced with Autocannons) or their own unique variant. After all the tradition bound Loyalist Chapters have had the wherewithal to develop their own but the Dark Mechanicum have been unable to do this?

Anti Air: CSM desperately need access to an Anti Air platform. This could either be a Stalker, a 'Mortis Pattern' Forgefiend or a unique variant (2 Hades Autocannon mounted on a Rhino chassis for example)

Khorne Bezerkers: These scream out for Jump Packs as an option. These are supposed to be the foremost close combat troops in a Chaos Army, but yet they are limited to a Rhino as their transport option, or take need a Landraider to be used to give them an assault vehicle. Also more weapon options should be available to these, Evsicerator or a two handed chain axe, etc.

Flyers: As the Heldrake can be considered as a modern take on the Doomwing, surely the Fire Lord must be updated to give a viable option for Anti-Flyer / Anti-Tank. Although I would suggest that it's not made as a Super Heavy. Also a transport aircraft to better reflect a raiding party descending from the void.

Drop Pods: I'm not 100% convinced with these as an option but they do feature in the novels as being available to CSM warbands. Surely if they where to feature then a premium must be paid, for example increase the points cost to 50 per pod. I'd envisage these being available for all units that can take a Rhino as a dedicated transport.

Legion Traits: similar to chapter tactics I feel there should be Legion rules to better reflect the nature of your chosen Legion.

Cult Numbers: Perhaps a bonus should be available when taking units, that have a Mark, in quantities that are equal to or a multiple of their gods Cult Number. This would be over and above Legion traits.

Renegade Chapters: These exist and have been corrupted at differing times since the Horus Heresy. There should be an option to play a Warband of such renegades. They should have access to Loyalist Equipments/Vehicles at a premium and in limited quantities. Rules for these would require access to the relevant SM codex.

New units: obvious examples are units mounted on Daemon steeds, Juggernaut of Khorne or Steed of Slaanesh.

Vehicle Squadrons: CSM should have the same rules/options available when deploying vehicles in Squadrons.


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