The question of how long the latest products will continue to be available is a rather touchy subject, as product like Betrayal at Calth can be here one minute and gone the next. It's important to that we try and keep an eye on these trends, to make sure that everyone has a chance to get the latest box set.

Updates on Stock
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I also wanted to tell you on all releases like the Deathwatch and Execution Force, GW told me that they will guarantee restocking them for 90 days from launch. If they sell low or out in 90 days than they will reprint and restock. If the numbers don't hit a certain target (I couldn't get the target number), than they will not reprint the game again. Space Hulk had 3 printings in total due to demand.

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via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
GW US has 4,500 Betrayal at Calth in warehouse and more in England. No numbers on England qty though.

In response in the comment section
via Squiggly from the comment section on Faeit 212
I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure they maintained a warehouse in the US for STORE distribution even after the HQ shut down. Mail order stuff does indeed come out of England though.

Regardles, the point is moot because this is right. Calth is sadly coming off the shelves as soon as stock runs out

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