Frontline Gaming has just released two new F.A.T. Mats. The new Lava and Underforge mats. Here is what Frontline Gaming said this morning. I am a fan of the quality of these mats and have several for my own personal gaming, and games that are hosted here on Faeit 212. I personally really like the dynamics of the lava mat.

via Frontline Gaming
We're extremely excited to reveal the new offerings in the F.A.T. Mat line-up! Lava and Underforge!

Purchase your new F.A.T. Mats, here!

Ready for order now, we've got the new Lava F.A.T. Mat in 4x4' and 4x6' as well as the new Underforge F.A.T. Mat in 4x6'.


 Both mats are incredibly detailed and will increase the immersion of your tabletop gaming experience. Underforge represents the foundries of a Forge World or similar industrial style facility, with incredible levels of detail and multiple layers to create a realistic setting for your games. Lava brings you into raw nature, with molten rock and ashen wastes, this mat is stunning, and will draw many compliments from your friends.
   underforge mat1 lavamat1Lava_4x4_sticker Lava_6x4_sticker Underforge_6x4_sticker

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