There is quite a bit of things on the horizon with Games Workshop, and rumors are around saying that we will see a point system to the Age of Sigmar, a Space Marine 30th anniversary.

Rumor and More.

via a reader on Faeit 212
My local GW store manager told me that in 
April GW will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the space marine. He said 
he's not supposed to talk about it and doesn't know a lot, but he said that 
for sure, a book and new minis are coming out. He didn't specify if the 
book is a codex, a campaign book or a novel. He said that the WD from tis 
coming week end will contain a teaser for this.

It's all I have, not much, but maybe it relates to some of your other 
sources and would help you to confirm/deny things you heard.

via Lady Atia on War of Sigmar
Birthday news :
- April 16 
- Multiple exclusive marines miniatures only in physical GW store. Only that day! 
- Different animations/games based on the Store size. (games, quiz ...) 
- Different exclusive goody (Poster and stuff...)

Lady Atia

via a reader on Faeit 212
I heard a rather solid rumour today, sounds like the folks at GW HQ are paying attention.
An official points system (or something along those lines) will be released for AoS soon.

Please, lets not start plop slinging about this.

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