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What's On Your Table: Gates of Antares and Epic 40k

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to

I have been following Beyond the Gates of Antares since beta testing went live and was pretty excited to buy the starter box. I had originally painted a test squad of C3 Strike troopers in a white and red/orange scheme. However, as is often the case with my painting, I hit a motivation slump and when motivation came back I no longer wanted to keep going that route.

So I decided to my hand at airbrushing, something I never really got into. I went with a 2nd ed 40k inspired scheme, as I felt bright colours really suit the hard scifi feel of Antares. I gave the troopers 4 different shades of red to try and give some quick shading. The bases were inspired by my other scifi love Stargate SG1, I wanted to give them a very alien world feel and not something that can easily be translated to a location on earth.

Also on the paint desk are some Epic scale Salamander marines, to give me a break from red and hopefully I can keep both projects going at once!